Vico – oatmeal mixture

Vico – oat mixture – annual legume-grass plants with excellent qualities when used as a green manure, as a phytosanitary crop and vetch as a honey plant. The mixture is grown for green mass with subsequent incorporation into the soil as the main source of ecological organic fertilizer.

Siderat from legumes and cereals enriches the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, prevents leaching of humus, loosens and structures the earth well. Plants are not picky about the soil, they tolerate drought, shading, cold well (withstand frosts up to 5-7 ° C). An excellent predecessor for crops that need a lot of nitrogen (potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions). Restores and heals depleted soil. Viko – oat mixture is indispensable for small garden plots with disturbed crop rotation and crop rotation rules, replaces 50 kg of manure per 20 m2. Suppresses the development of nematodes in the soil, effectively drowns out and displaces weeds, excellent for soil mulching and protection of cultivated plants from pests. Due to the abundant green mass, mixtures per unit area give a much greater collection of nutrients.