Sale of grains, grass seeds and fatty acids

Employees of our company will give advice on the quality of products and ordering, offer the most favorable conditions and calculate the cost. It is important for us to maintain long-term relationships with partners.
Inside our warehouses, grain and oilseeds are packed in bags of 40 and 50 kilograms, or in big bags weighing 0.8 and 1.5 tons. Such packaging is economical, allows to reduce the cost of packaging, convenient for loading and delivery of products. During transportation, the grain retains its original appearance.

Sale of grain

The Eko Hrana 021 trades in agricultural products in Russia and as part of exports. The sale of grain in our country does not cause any particular difficulties. Mechanisms of interaction, paperwork have been worked out for years. When working with foreign partners, there are a number of nuances that we study before sending the grain.
We always adhere to the technical regulations “On the safety of grain” of the Customs Union, and provide products for export, after passing the quality and safety analysis, taking into account the list of quarantine pests, diseases and weeds.
Be sure to keep track of all changes in the requirements of the countries where we plan to import our products. Before shipment for export, our company checks the compliance of the grain with the current rules and conditions of the partner countries. View more…

Sale of grass seeds

Another priority direction of our company is the export and sale of seeds of fodder, oilseeds, pasture grasses. We pay great attention to product quality, check the chemical composition and the presence of weed impurities.
We do not cooperate with unscrupulous suppliers, and personally come to the production, monitor the stages of cultivation, seed collection.
Our careful approach to the choice of partners is the guarantor of the quality of the goods.

Sale of fatty acids

We offer our partners fatty acids of vegetable oils from the manufacturer, which are obtained by the reactive method of splitting soap stocks, in the amount of 500 tons / month.

Products are made according to European quality standards without additives, palm oil and harmful impurities. All products undergo strict quality control and are confirmed by relevant documentation.



To export grain abroad, we sign a foreign trade contract with the customer, open a unique contract number (the number of a foreign exchange agreement between two participants in an import transaction). When registering the FCA delivery conditions (conditions for self-delivery of products from our warehouses), we send a request to the client to provide information about the car and the driver who will pick up the goods. This information is necessary for the goods to pass through customs.

For the CIS countries, we issue a certificate for products in the form ST-1, and for the European Union – form A. A package of documents is preliminarily prepared.

For the Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

    • application for a certificate
    • incoming and outgoing invoices
    • certificate of quality or conformity for exported products
    • certificate of permanent nomenclature of production
    • contract and contract
    • letter from the manufacturer (i.e. from us)

Preparation of documents for customs:

    • invoice indicating the terms of delivery
    • consignment note with specified weight and number of seats
    • certificates and passports for products
    • contract with additional agreement
    • bill of lading
    • transaction passport
    • payment documents on payment for goods, and payment of customs duty
We undertake the execution and preparation of the necessary documentation, we guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations and the delivery of products as soon as possible.

Purchasing Key Points

Self-delivery - we come and pick up the grain ourselves

We work on 100% prepayment

We buy goods only in 25, 40 or bigbag bags

All goods must comply with GOST