Sale of grain

Grain trade is the key direction of the Eko Hrana 021 company. We sell cereals, legumes, oilseeds, grain crops in Russia and to foreign countries. Each batch of grain is checked for compliance with the quarantine requirements of a particular region. 
We always adhere to the technical regulations “On Grain Safety” of the Customs Union, and provide products for export after passing the quality and safety analysis. We monitor changes in the requirements of countries where we plan to import our products. Before shipment for export, our company checks the compliance of the grain with the current rules and conditions of the partner countries.






Proper packing and packing of grain plays a decisive role in the quality delivery of products. We control the quality of grain at all stages of production – from purchase to final packaging. Coarse fabric bags help prevent spoilage of raw materials, in which grain is less subject to friction. We use nylon or polypropylene bags, they are moisture resistant and resistant to mechanical damage.
Packaging products in bags facilitates transportation, does not require special containers and reduces the cost of transportation. The Eko Hrana 021 company provides an opportunity to pack grain in bags and big bags.

Big- bag is a container, industrial container, made of flexible material with a volume of 0.5 tons – 2.5 tons.

Bag – a container made of coarse fabric for storing and transporting grass seeds and grains, filled with a volume of 25-50 kg.