Timothy grass

Meadow timothy grass (Phleum pratense) is a perennial loose-leaved grass. The leaves are mostly basal, green or greenish, flat, relatively longish, rough on the sides, with a narrow border, slightly furrowed on the upper side. Stem leaves are drooping, horizontally prostrate, rarely protruding. The vaginas are not closed, the uvula is membranous, serrated along the edge, sharp.

The inflorescence is a sultan, cylindrical or slightly cone-shaped, with a rounded blunt apex. Timothy grass is a spring-type winter cereal. Timothy grass has excellent fodder qualities, and at the same time gives a good harvest. In one season, two cuts are obtained, in the worst case, one cut and aftermath. From one hectare you can collect about 6 centners of seeds and up to 80 centners of hay. Hay contains a lot of carotene and vitamin C. One centner of the crop contains 4.1 kg of protein, if we consider the value of grass, then it contains 1.7 kg of protein.