Spelled, also spelled, is a fairly popular grain crop that belongs to the wheat genus. Presumably, the birthplace of culture is the territory of the Mediterranean, at the moment it is actively grown in Russia. In Russia, spelled is mainly grown in the Volga-Kama region, in the Caucasus. Our company offers supplies of spelled to the countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Delivery methods: road transport, as well as transport ships.


Grain culture is quite unpretentious, resistant to all kinds of diseases, fast-ripening. The ear structure is well protected from pests, which allows the seeds to grow juicy. Currently, there are industrial methods for cleaning grain from inedible chaff, without harm to the grain itself. That is why spelled grain remains intact during harvest.


Grain is a low-calorie and high-protein product containing amino acids unique for human nutrition. Nutritionists say that one of the reasons for the digestive diseases of a modern person is the rejection of crops such as spelt.