Red Fescue

The red fescue (Festuca rubra) is a perennial, loose, winter-type plant that produces a creeping rhizome on light soils. The height of this grass is usually from 20 to 70 cm. The stems are straight, rough or smooth, and may rise at the base. The turf is thick. The high density of shoots and beautiful narrow leaves (0.1-0.3 cm) make it possible to create an incredibly beautiful lawn with a uniform carpet with its help.

This grass recovers very quickly after a variety of mechanical damage, tolerates regular mowing (up to 40 mm) and trampling. With a high level of agricultural technology, life expectancy can be up to ten years. Red fescue is a frost-resistant grass that grows both in the shade and in a brightly lit place. As a rule, after sowing, seedlings appear in about ten days.

 The plant is used to create a variety of lawns. Its main value lies in the fact that even in a dry summer, its leaves remain bright green. Red fescue grows intensively, grows very quickly, forming a beautiful green carpet. This plant is characterized by high nutritional value and digestibility. The grass contains a significant amount of minerals, as well as protein.

 Red fescue tolerates grazing perfectly, actively grows after winter, develops intensively, and forms aftermath well. Due to the listed properties, this plant is widely used in culture in the process of organizing long-term pastures and lawns.