Red Clover

Red clover, or red clover (Trifolium praténse) is a perennial herbaceous plant from the legume family 25-60 cm high. Red clover has a powerful root system with a taproot penetrating to a depth of 1-2 m and numerous lateral roots.


Blooms from May to September. The flowers are fluffy, irregularly shaped. The fruit is a bean. In medicine, flowers, inflorescences of the plant are used along with the apical leaves. They are collected during the flowering period, dried in the fresh air, in the shade, or a dryer heated to 60 degrees is used. Shelf life in a tightly closed container – up to 1 year.

The composition contains valuable essential oils, proteins, minerals. It contains carotene, carbohydrates, steroids. Clover is high in vitamins, including C, B, E, K. It also contains many useful substances necessary for human health.