Pasture Ryegrass

Pasture ryegrass (Lolium perenne), aka English ryegrass and perennial Chaff is a herbaceous plant belonging to the flowering genus Chaff, which, in turn, belong to the Cereal family. Produces numerous short shoots with delicate, bright green glossy leaves and creates a fine quality carpeted turf. The root system is fibrous, well developed in the topsoil.

Perennial ryegrass is one of the fastest growing lawn grasses. Shoots appear on the 5-13th day, depending on the time of sowing and the climatic zone. Shortly after sowing, it completely covers the soil with green shoots, for which perennial ryegrass is highly valued. Grows well even with frequent mowing, but requires abundant fertilization. Grows well after frequent mowing, especially with regular top dressing. It is used when creating sports, temporary and technical lawns, as well as for overseeding. Modern varieties of perennial ryegrass are widely used on professional football fields. A promising culture for creating temporary, highly decorative lawns, parterre-type lawn coverings, background and masking lawns. Perennial ryegrass is a unique green plant.