Chickpeas are a plant in the legume family, also known as chickpeas, chickpeas, mutton peas, nahat, and bladderwort. Chickpea seeds are a healthy food product used all over the world. Hummus is one of the most popular products made with chickpeas. In addition, chickpeas are an essential ingredient in vegetarian and Indian cooking.


The homeland and main producer of chickpeas is subtropical Asia, but in recent years it has become possible to buy chickpeas in bulk in Russia. Our company sends chickpeas by road and transport ships to the countries of the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, the USA, where the crops of this useful crop are minimal.

Mankind began to cultivate culture several thousand years ago. Now science and nutrition recognize chickpeas as one of the most useful seeds. For example, it helps lower blood cholesterol levels. Of course, chickpeas are a food product, which makes it quite difficult to find a reliable grain supplier in Europe.


On an industrial scale, chickpea flour is produced from the culture. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a restaurant of Indian or other oriental cuisine. Chickpeas are also used in Italian dishes, for example, for making farinata tortillas. Meanwhile, the crops of this crop in Europe are minimal – you can order supplies of chickpeas in Russia with the help of our company.


Chickpeas are not only tasty, but also a very healthy culture. Seeds contain a large amount of folic acid, zinc. About a third of the seeds are protein, another half are carbohydrates, and only 5% are fats. There is also an essential amino acid lysine, vitamins B1, B6 and minerals. No wonder chickpeas are so loved by nutritionists and pharmacists.