Cereal crops are the basis of agricultural production. They are used as a human food product and an integral part of feed mixtures, as well as raw materials for oilseeds, textile and other industries. In Russia, more than 125 million hectares are sown with grain crops, of which 745.6 thousand hectares are used for sowing flax, and 732 thousand hectares for buckwheat fields. Eko Hrana 021 organizes the supply of grain crops.


Packaging products in bags facilitates loading and unloading. Coarse bags allow you to protect the grain from adverse effects and reduce its injury. Eko Hrana 021 provides an opportunity to pack grain in bags and big bags.

Bag – a container made of coarse fabric for storing and transporting grain, filled with a volume of 25-50 kg.

Big- bag is an industrial container that looks like a huge bag, is made of flexible material with a volume of 0.5 tons – 2.5 tons.

Depending on your goals for grain and wishes, we will pack the products in the most suitable container.


We organize the delivery of grain to any part of the Earth. Our experts will calculate the most advantageous scheme for the transportation of products on convenient delivery terms FOB, CIF, CFR, FCA. We have exported to the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor. But we are not limited to this and plan to expand the geography of Russian grain sales.
Our specialists select only the best varieties of products, check them for quality and ensure delivery in the shortest possible time. We independently draw up all the necessary documentation, which plays a decisive role in the rapid organization of grain deliveries.